Water improvements on tap

Lake Country will hold a ribbon cutting event and funding announcement for the Kalamalka Lake interconnect project

  • Apr. 12, 2013 7:00 a.m.


Black Press

District of Lake Country officials will celebrate a milestone today in the ongoing efforts to improve the water supply.

The district will hold a ribbon cutting event and funding announcement for the Kalamalka Lake interconnect project, which is completed and resulted in the lifting of the boil water advisory for Oyama Lake residents earlier this year.

“It’s another important milestone in our ongoing efforts to improve the community’s water supply,” said operations manager Greg Buchholz.

“Little by little, we are continuing to get better.”

Oyama residents remain under a water quality advisory but residents are no longer forced to boil water for everyday use as the district’s Kalamalka interconnect allows users to draw water from both Oyama Lake and Kalamalka Lake to serve Oyama residents.

Buchholz says it was a very important change to the system for the district.

“It’s wonderful and I’m really quite excited,” he said.

“It provides that reliability. One of the things we were always worried about was having a failure that prevents us from getting water to the customer. So this system lets us sleep at night. It’s huge, a very significant project.”

Buchholz says the district is now moving forward with other projects under the water master plan, including establishing a universal metering system that will help with water conservation as well as the installation of a UV disinfection system on the district’s water supply.

“We’ve got a number of steps to take over the years that will take care of water quality,” said Buchholz.

“We are addressing things like do we have enough water, making sure the water is safe and making sure we are renewing our infrastructure. We are starting to replace some of our older equipment. The older it gets the more prone it is to failure.”