Water interruption scheduled for Coldstream

Some Coldstream residents are being given notice of an interruption in water service, while others will experience a water quality advisory.

Some Coldstream residents are being given notice of an interruption in water service, while others will experience a water quality advisory.

Crews will initiate system works Tuesday and the impacted area includes Binns Road, Cosens Bay Road, Grey Road, Grieve Drive, Marwood Place, Priest Valley Drive (streets off), Upper Summit Drive and the Palfrey Drive east and west area.

“Affected customers will have no water starting 8 a.m. Tuesday for up to 24 hours,” said Renee Clark,  Regional District of North Okanagan water quality manager.

“Please take the necessary measures to ensure that you have enough water for your household needs during this time. Fill water jugs the day before, and ensure there is enough drinking water for yourself, your family, and your animals. Fill buckets for use in the bathroom and kitchen.”

Customers in the impacted area should turn off their main water shut-off valve and disconnect outdoor hoses until the water is restored.

“Customers in affected areas will receive hand-delivered letters informing them of this disruption,” said Clark.

“For instructions on turning off water valves and for more information, visit www.rdno.ca or call 250-550-3700.”

A water quality advisory for some Coldstream customers will take place Tuesday at 8 a.m. for up to 24 hours.

“The following customers will have water service, but will be on a precautionary water quality advisory and all outdoor water use is prohibited during this time,” said Clark.

This work will affect customers in the following areas:

n All properties south of the railway tracks from Kal Beach to Kalamalka Road and Highway 6 junction at Coldstream Ranch

n Properties north of the railway track on Aberdeen Road to Rendell Drive Shamanski Drive, Paisley Drive (streets off)

n Howe Drive north

“These measures are being implemented to maintain pressure for indoor domestic use and to maintain adequate fire protection,” said Clark.

“Water utility staff will be monitoring these areas for compliance during this time period. Water utility staff will turn off the water service to any property found to be using water outdoors. Turn-off and turn-on fees will apply.”

During this work, water may become cloudy or coloured. Customers should exercise caution when using the water for consumption purposes.

Water intended for drinking, washing produce, making beverages or ice and brushing teeth should be boiled for one minute.

“Water utility staff will be monitoring the water and removing the precautionary water quality advisory when the water quality returns to normal. When the water service has been restored, you may experience some cloudiness and/or air in the water,” said Clark.

“Please run a cold water tap outside, if available, at low volume until the water has cleared.”