A number of schools have been tested for lead

A number of schools have been tested for lead

Water lines flushed after lead detected in schools

The Interior Health Authority is supporting the Vernon School District's testing program.

Action has been taken to reduce lead in area schools.

The Vernon School District has conducted lead testing in the water at all of its schools.

“The results show that elevated levels of lead were detected in initial samples at Crossroads Learning Centre, Cherryville Elementary, BX Elementary, Mission Hill Elementary, Kalamalka Secondary and W.L. Seaton Secondary schools,” states a release.

“Parents and guardians of students attending these schools are advised that the levels read slightly above the maximum recommended guideline.”

The district states that the initial samples were taken early in the morning after water had sat stagnant in the pipes overnight.

“This means that the samples were taken at a time when readings would be highest, so they may not be representative of lead levels present in the water throughout the day,” says the release.

“The school district conducted further testing after implementing flushing protocols. Samples were taken after water was run for two minutes to flush stagnant water out of the pipes. All samples, after two minutes of flushing, had lead levels which measured below the guideline. As a result, the school district will be implementing flushing protocols every morning before school to ensure the lead levels remain below recommended guidelines.”

The source of lead in the tap water tested at schools is likely to be from building plumbing materials.

The Interior Health Authority is supporting the school district’s testing program.

The Vernon district decided to test schools after elevated lead levels were detected in schools in Prince Rupert.