Water plan committee debated

Citizens' group wants a a specific individual named to the stakeholder advisory committee

Lobbying for an independent review of Greater Vernon’s water system is generating debate.

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee has received a request from the Citizens for Change to the Master Water Plan to appoint a specific individual to the stakeholder advisory committee looking at the future of the master water plan.

“The group has put forward the name of an individual they want and that’s biased to some extent,” siad director Mike Macnabb.

However, other GVAC members don’t agree with Macnabb’s assessment.

“They aren’t saying this has to be the person. They are just saying this is a resource,” said director Bob Fleming.

The individual recommended by CCMWP will be reviewed by the stakeholder committee but there is no guarantee that he will be appointed.

“This is just one more name to consider,” said GVAC chairperson Juliette Cunningham of forming the committee.

The CCMWP says the individual they are recommending is a professional engineer with experience in Okanagan water supplies.

“We strongly believe that the master water plan review process needs an individual with an arm’s length relationship to the existing plan to assist the committee by providing GVAC with independent advice,” said Terry Mooney, CCMWP chairperson, in a letter. to GVAC

“We respect the involvement of Regional District of North Okanagan staff and the input they can and have provided to the process but it’s important that the stakeholder advisory committee have an independent consultant so the review process can proceed without any claims of bias.”