Water rates clarified

A major change is for low water users in the Greater Vernon area

Increasing water rates are being clarified in Greater Vernon.

While the base rate is climbing three per cent across the board, the consumption rate could rise even further based on how much water a household uses.

A major change is for low water users.

While they previously paid no consumption fee for anything under 20 cubic metres, there will now be a cost.

“You are going from zero to a cost,” said Zee Marcolin, Regional District of North Okanagan utilities manager.

“You are now paying for what you use instead of paying for 20 cubic metres and not using it.”

Marcolin believes the change creates a more balanced system instead of low water users previously just paying the base rate.

“They were subsidizing the cost for people who use more than 20 cubic metres,” she said.

Marcolin says there is a cost for the utility to treat and provide water no matter how much a customer uses.