Water use rises in village

The taps have been running at a record pace in Lumby lately

The taps have been running at a record pace in Lumby lately.

The quantity of water treated from January to June 2014 increased for the first time during this period since 2008.

There were 137,053 cubic metres treated, up 3.47 per cent from the same period last year when 132,461 cubic metres was treated.

Water treatment has steadily been declining since 2008 (when nearly 200,000 cubic metres was being treated) during the first half of the year, until this year.

“The village budgeted for a very modest decrease in consumption for 2014, which would be consistent with the consumption trend for the last number of years,” said Jeremy Sundin, director of finance. “As it stands, if the current trend continues the water function may in fact realize greater revenue than originally budgeted.”

Sundin goes on to say the water conservation efforts may be nearing their limits in the village, unless additional pressures are used, such as water rate increases and incentives to install more water-efficient appliances.