Wejr leads pack for wages

Enderby council collects close to $100,000 in 2010 wages and expenses

Enderby council collected close to $100,000 in wages and expenses for 2010.

Employment income for the seven-member council totalled just under $65,000. More than $21,500 was paid to council in expense allowances and all but Coun. Earl Shipmaker claimed expenses which totalled just under $16,000.

Mayor Dee Wejr made the most, income-wise, collecting $15,669.12 and $5,223.04 in expense allowance. Wejr also claimed $3,263.58 in expenses.

“I’d say the numbers are fair, we don’t get paid for committees and stuff like that, so it’s basically what our salary is plus things like SILGA (Southern Interior Local Government Association) and UBCM (Union of B.C. Municipalities) conventions,” said Wejr.

The lowest paid councillor was Shipmaker ($7,171) with Tony Vetter making the most among councillors at $8,851.68.

Shipmaker, a longtime politician, does not attend conferences.

The discrepancy in council remuneration depends on the number of meetings councillors attend.

Coun. Beryl Ludwig claimed the most expenses, filing receipts for $3,317.68.

“For myself, I like the networking, it’s helpful for all of us,” said Wejr of attending meetings and conferences on behalf of the city.

“It’s our voice to the provincial government so I think it’s good for us to go.”

The city is required by law to record employees who make more than $75,000, and three Enderby workers make the list: chief administrative officer Barry Gagnon ($115,365 in salary, $6,324 in expenses); director of engineering and public works Darwyn Kutney ($96,496 salary, $2,072 expenses) and treasurer Geri Ferguson ($86,482 salary, $3,052 expenses).

The consolidated total of all remuneration paid to the nine other city employees is $607,813.95.

The city paid out more than $5.3 million to supplies for goods and services in 2010.


That includes  $774,730 to the Regional District of North Okanagan.