Whitevalley considers fee hikes

Cost to rent parks and recreation facilities in Lumby increasing

The cost could be climbing for facility and park rentals in Lumby, while it will actually be a little cheaper for individuals wanting to take a dip in the pool or a skate around the rink.

A 2.4 per cent fee increase is being considered by the White Valley Parks, Recreation and Culture Advisory Committee at its Monday morning meeting.

“It’s been a while, we’ve had the status quo for a couple of years,” said chairperson Rick Fairbairn of the increase, which is actually lower than the initial four per cent suggestion. “In light of the economy, etc., we’ll just keep it to a bare minimum.”

The increase would apply to group rentals of sports fields, tennis courts, the White Valley Community Centre, Pat Duke Memorial Arena, the Lumby Curling Rink and pool rates.

But with the HST being eliminated April 1, 2013 (and replaced with PST), general admissions to use the pool or arena will actually see a slight drop.

“This will impact recreation program participants, as there will be a seven per cent reduction in the current tax rate,” said Tannis Nelson, community development co-ordinator, in her report.

General admissions do not include tax, therefore as an example the rate for adult pool fees will be $3.35 after the HST is removed (down from $3.60, which includes the 2.4 per cent increase and HST).

“There have been concerns expressed about the state of the economy and people’s ability to pay additional fees for parks and recreation services,” said Nelson.

“Public admission fees were not raised in 2011/2012 for this reason. As a result, it is recommended that an increase equivalent to CPI (2.4 per cent) be added to all rates.”