Wildfire break demanded

Lumby council received a request Tuesday from 12 residents who want a fire break developed

Some Lumby residents want to ensure they aren’t engulfed by flames.

Council received a request Tuesday from 12 residents who want a fire break developed to protect the community from potential wildfire.

“This year became apparent there is a risk with wildfires,” said Mayor Kevin Acton of recent blazes across B.C., including at Rock Creek and Oliver.

The residents say that weather conditions are getting hotter and dryer.

“Once of the attractive features of Lumby is it is circled by forest and that the homes in Lumby are surrounded by numerous mature trees of all kinds,” said Steve Elliman, residents’ spokesperson, in the letter.

“Unfortunately, this in turn can be a liability. In particular, if a fire was to start in the hills above Lumby, a fire could easily burn down into the centre of town because of the closeness of the dwellings, their type of construction and the trees between the buildings.”

The residents are calling for fire breaks throughout the community.

“One area that seems particularly vulnerable to fire and dangerous to the village, because of the trees, brush, and grassland there, is the west side of town,” said Elliman.

Acton says council is concerned about wildfire threats and staff has been directed to do more research about the viability of fire breaks.

“There are complications because there is private property and provincial property,” he said.

Fire breaks could be considered in conjunction with possible construction of a trail network in Lumby.