Youth councillors examined

Enderby Mayor Dee Wejr investigates having youth representatives involved in city issues

Young people may gain a voice in Enderby.

Mayor Dee Wejr wants to investigate the possibility of having student representatives attend city council meetings.

“Youth engagement is something we always want to do,” she said.

Youth councillors are common in other communities, including Lake Country.

They attend council meetings and receive all of the information that the elected officials do.

“They become part of the discussion,” said Wejr, adding that student representatives would be unable to vote.

Wejr will discuss the concept with the principal of A.L. Fortune Secondary.

Sidewalk Policy Amended

Merchants now have clear rules for placing items on public sidewalks.

On Monday, city council adopted a new sidewalk encroachment policy.

“People were having difficulties walking down the sidewalk because of things out on the sidewalk,” said Coun. Howie Cyr of tables, chairs and signs.

The main change is the size of the encroachments have been increased from 24 to 30 inches in width and the area to be left for the normal travel portion of the sidewalk has been reduced from five to three feet.

Council’s decision came after consultation with the Enderby Chamber of Commerce and merchants.

“I believe we have struck a good balance between businesses and pedestrians,” said Cyr.

Library Request Considered

Enderby taxpayers are being asked to provide new furnishings for the library.

The local branch of Okanagan Regional Library has asked the city for $3,000 for two chairs and a book rack.

“It will be part of the 2012 budget discussions,” said Coun. Beryl Ludwig.

The city generally sets aside $2,500 to $3,500 a year for furnishings at the library.

While a decision must still be made, Ludwig is supportive of the chairs and book rack.

“It makes the library more usable for the public,” she said.