Zoning may lead to development

Possible zoning change on Kalamalka Road in Coldstream prepares for future development

Work is underway to prepare for development in Coldstream, although it’s not likely Wal-Mart or even any small-scale development will be moving in anytime soon.

A portion of three Kalamalka Road properties are applying for a zoning change from agricultural to a proposed mixed use zone in order to eventually facilitate development of a town centre.

“Basically what we want to do is just get it set up,” said Jeff Demetrick, owner of 10008, 10010 and 10015 Kalamalka Road.

“So, if, at some point something comes around we’re ready for it.”

A zoning change was applied for the three two-acre properties back in the ‘90s and now that sewer services and plans for Coldstream’s town centre are in place, the changes can go ahead.

“Now it’s time to actually deal with this,” said Mayor Jim Garlick, adding the matter will likely be taken to the public for feedback.

The district has pushed for the changes, along with the previous land owner and now Demetrick, who also owns a cattle farm backing onto the properties and wants to protect his farmland from development.

The back portions of the properties (approximately one acre each) will be consolidated into one three-acre agricultural parcel.

Meanwhile the front portion of the properties, adjacent to the road, could be switched to Coldstream’s proposed mixed-use zoning.

The zoning would facilitate Coldstream’s town centre plans around the municipal office. Coldstream council is expected to discuss the zoning at its next technical committee meeting Aug. 17.

Although he’s not in any hurry to hear the hammers of development pounding, Demetrick applauds Coldstream’s town centre plan.

“It would be nice to have a little coffee shop or bakery out there. And it’s nice to have a little foresight instead of developers always dictating what goes on.”

Grid Road ready to be unveiled

A major project that revved into gear last year, after sitting idle for more than 20 years, is on route to completion.

Instead of forcing motorists over the speed-bump-riddled West Kal Road, or through Vernon, a new connection from Coldstream to Highway 97 is opening up.

College Way (the grid road) will open Aug. 9 after a 2 p.m. ceremony.

The $9 million project was slightly over the original $8.6 million budget and took a little longer than anticipated.

“We believe it is money well spent,” said Michael Stamhuis, chief administrative officer.

There were also a number of challenges that arose from the project, having to deal with several ministries, the railway and environmental concerns with the creek.

“It’s the largest public works project that we’ve done in history,” said Stamhuis.

Although the road provides better access into Coldstream, large commercial vehicles are reminded that use of the road could land them a ticket.

“It’s not a truck route,” said Stamhuis.

The road, which will include a multi-use pathway, includes an intersection at Kalamalka and Husband roads.