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February 02, 2023

February 13 – Notice of Public Hearing

Notice is hereby given that City Council will hold a public hearing to consider representations of interested persons or persons who deem their interest in property affected by the below-mentioned bylaws at 5:30 p.m. on Monday, February 13, 2023 in Council Chambers, 3400 – 30th Street, Vernon, B.C.

2702 and 2800 40 Street Official Community Plan Amendment Bylaw 5935, 2022

Location: 2702 40th Street and 2800 40th Street

Map 1

Legal Description: Lot 3, Plan 3761, DL 71, ODYD (2702 40th Street) and Lot A, Plan KAP73789, DL 71, ODYD (2800 40th Street)

Present Designation: Residential Small Lot

Proposed Designation: Public and Institutional

Purpose: To redesignate the Official Community Plan land use to allow the use of a senior’s residential care facility on the subject properties.

2702 and 2800 40 Street Rezoning Amendment Bylaw 5936, 2022

Map 2

Location: 2702 40th Street and 2800 40th Street (see map below)

Legal Description: Lot 3, Plan 3761, DL 71, ODYD (2702 40th Street) and Lot A, Plan KAP73789, DL 71, ODYD (2800 40th Street)

Present Zoning: RM2 – Multiple Housing Residential

Proposed Zoning: P3 – Private Institutional

Purpose: To rezone the property in order to expand and upgrade an existing seniors residential care facility.

5005 Turtle Pond Place Rezoning Amendment Bylaw 5939, 2022

Map 3

Property Location: 5005 Turtle Pond Place

Legal Description: Lot 1, Sec 4, TP 8, ODYD, Plan EPP124187

Present Zoning: R2 – Large Lot Residential, R5 – Four-plex Housing Residential and P4 – Utilities

Proposed Zoning: R4 – Small Lot Residential and R5 – Four-plex Housing Residential

Purpose: To rezone the property to allow a 77 lot subdivision on the subject property.

Enquiries relative to the above proposed bylaws should be directed to the Community Infrastructure and Development Division located at the Community Services Building, 3001 – 32nd Avenue, Vernon, B.C. or by calling 250-550-3634. Copies of the bylaws and relevant background documents are available for inspection during normal business hours (8:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.), Monday to Friday inclusive (excluding Statutory Holidays) from February 2 to February 13, 2023. Documents may also be viewed at

Should you wish to make a written submission regarding these bylaw amendments, please deliver to the Corporate Officer, City of Vernon, 3400 30th Street, Vernon B.C. V1T 5E6 or by sending an email to All correspondence received prior to February 13, 2023 at 3:00 p.m. shall be copied and circulated to the Members of City Council for consideration. Written submissions must include your name and civic address. The written submissions will be read into the public hearing minutes and be distributed at the public hearing for Council’s review and consideration during the public hearing.

The City of Vernon video records all open Council meetings and public hearings and makes them available for viewing on the City’s website. The February 13, 2023 public hearing will be livestreamed and can be viewed at the following link: