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January 19, 2023

January 19 – Sidewalk Snow Removal Reminder

Residents are reminded that they are responsible for shoveling snow on the sidewalk adjacent to their residence or business.

All sidewalks should be cleared to their full width to allow for the passage of baby buggies, walkers or wheelchairs. Please pile the snow on the boulevard or private property (not onto roadways) to allow for storage of street snow along the curb area. Snow from private property or the adjacent sidewalk must not be placed onto any travelled portion of a highway including any roadway or active transportation corridor.

Please be advised that should the clearing not be completed within 24 hours after the snow fall as required, we will arrange to have the work done at your expense.

Please help keep our City streets safe for pedestrians by shoveling snow and removing ice from the sidewalks and footpaths bordering your property, as per the Traffic Bylaw #5600.