Rhonda Burr

November 7, 2019
On Nov 7 Rhonda Burr died as a result of complications from her 19 year journey with cancer, both chronic lymphocytic leukemia and squamous cell carcinoma. She contracted a severe bout of pneumonia as a result of a compromised immune system and was unable to fight this infection as she had others in the past. Her death was peaceful being surrounded by family. She is survived by husband Bill, sons Liam and Kiernan (Ashley and grand children Charlotte and Maxwell) siblings Dana, Robert, Aaron and Blair and a variety of nieces and nephews. She was a great believer in the Co- op system having served two separate terms on the Armstrong Regional Co-op board, the power of the individuals to collectively effect change and volunteering. In recognition of her volunteering she was awarded the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal presented by Nancy Greene Raine which was appropriate given the Nancy Greene Ski League had been one of her favourite volunteer activities. She was also active in the formation of the North Okanagan Community Life Society which was set up to provide care and housing to those individuals living at Tranquille when the facility was closed. Rhonda loved to sew, quilt, knit and garden. Below is a quote from a friend that summarizes her beliefs about the individual.
She is one of the most extraordinary people I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I love her and the undeliberate innocence of making us each stronger and believing in ourselves. She is extraordinary and her touching a glimpse of my life has given me the strength and courage to be a stronger and more confident woman.
May her spirit sing freely. There will be no celebration of her life at this time

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