20th Street

Resident upset with plans to extend 20th Street in Vernon

First of all, thank you for being the only letter back acknowledging my letter. It was appreciated.

I also appreciate that the Ministry of Transportation is committed to improving safety at this very dangerous intersection but I still am not convinced (as are many others) that another traffic light would cause the increase in the number of rear-end collisions you mention.

Highway 97 proceeds through the town centres of Enderby, Vernon,  Winfield, Kelowna, West Kelowna, Peachland, Summerland, and Penticton, all of which have numerous traffic lights, not forgetting the light administering the Kelowna airport.

I’m sure there have been many rear-enders at many of these lights. Long queues are not unexpected when driving on this highway.

You note in your letter you have received input from both the regional and municipal governments and I’m not surprised to see the powers that be in Vernon happy to have the provincial coffers pay for the 20th St. extension rather than the city.

I don’t know if you are keeping apprised of the negative sentiment about the plan as is expressed in virtually every copy of The Morning Star, but by far, the majority of those speaking up are very much against the proposal.

It would appear that some of  the local politicians are not apprised or could care less.

Please take a very good look at this proposal that will dump more unnecessary traffic on to Vernon’s secondary streets, spending a lot more taxpayers’ money than a light would apparently cost and, as well,  destroying a lovely walking green space that numerous citizens use daily.

I’m happy to hear that your ministry staff are reviewing feedback from the public meeting, for all but one person I spoke to at that meeting, was against this proposal.

Robert Dilworth