A better way to pay for water

Resident suggests a new concept be considered when it comes to water bills

The spring rains are here. Our reservoirs are spilling over because of the abundance of water this year, and we are even having flooding issues as a result of that.

I wonder then, why is it that we in Vernon pay more than double the national average for water?

It seems odd to me that on a year like this, when our reservoirs are filled to the brim, that in only a few months a majority of lawns in this town will be completely dead because it is unaffordable for many families to maintain a living lawn.

I would like to make the following economic suggestion. Perhaps the city should charge for water based on the amount of water available.

The amount charged could reflect the watering restriction tiers. For example, if we have an abundance of water available, we could have the prices set low so most families could afford to maintain a healthy lawn and garden. If we have a dry year and have water restrictions in place, then the price of water would rise to reflect this.

If the dry year continued and our reservoirs were continuing to drop, we could expand the restrictions and increase the price of water again.

I am in no way advocating that we lower prices so residents can waste water.

I firmly believe that water is a precious resource and should be used in a responsible and conservative manner.

I am simply proposing that we make it affordable so more people can afford to water their lawns in a responsible manner.

Recently, city council stated that they believe that it is their responsibility to ensure clean air for the citizens of Vernon when it was dealing with an idling bylaw.

What happens to our air quality in the summer when more than 50 per cent of residential lawns die off?

We are talking about hundreds, if not thousands of acres, of air cleaning plant life becoming useless. Simply a suggestion for discussion.

Joel van der Molen