A better way

Resident says no one is looking after the animals

I love living in the Okanagan Valley with all of its beauty and wonder.

I was surprised that we are lacking in resources and organization for the wildlife that is to prevalent here.

Recently, I saw a humongous swan in the middle of Highway 97 near the Spallamucheen Golf and Country Club. It looked dazed and although it tried, it could not fly. Even walking, it seemed awkward. A nearby car had already stopped and the nice woman was trying to get it to go off of the road. She finally was able to lead it towards water.

I pulled over again and decided to report this in case the poor animal needed medical attention. This is where I found out that we need to write our government and get this situation resolved.

I called the non-emergency line for the Vernon RCMP, which I would normally do with this type of situation (an animal already dead, or not quite with a location).

This time, they asked me to call Conservation B.C., which is in Victoria, at 1-877-962-7277. They could not help me.

Then I called what they suggested — the SPCA hotline at 1-855-622-7722. It was closed so I left a message. They are too far away to help.

Then I called a local veterinarian office and got the answering service. I was told implicitly that they don’t do wild animals. I said, “Well then, who does?” They didn’t know and they suggested I call other vets.

I then called back the non-emergency RCMP line that I had not been able to find anyone. They are saving lives and protecting us. Why do they have to do this when they are already under-staffed?

Why do we have to call the RCMP when there should be some kind of service out here like in other cities. Has no one heard of Hope for Wildlife in Nova Scotia?

Why do the airports and such have procedures for such a thing as well as reporting conservation or for dangerously extinct animals?

The animals are smart but they can’t phone for help. They are another of the ones without a voice, not unlike those who are vulnerable — seniors, children.

We should be ashamed at not protecting our wildlife resources which are part of the beauty we enjoy living here or visiting.

What is going to be done about it? Please someone help.

A.B. Wray