A challenge to take the time to walk

Just remember when we were young and how walking was the norm

First of all…..this comes from a genuine experience…It started some months ago…I had been driving my car and the kilometres on it kept on building up. I am low income so saving money is helpful…

However this story is a story of how I regained my legs. Some may ask…what?

Well here it is…four months ago, I was not able to maintain or insure my vehicle. I would imagine some may find this disturbing…”what no car?”…Well I wish to tell this story and explain as hard as it is after always having access to transportation…this is one of the best times.

I have always been challenged via income…but this time around it was good. I found my legs…which means I have been and continue to walk in the local area.

When I was younger I always had to walk…however the 20 years with my vehicles made it so it was easy and this is how I lost my legs…not literally…however with the ease of jumping in the vehicle…I would even drive two to three blocks…how awful is that?

Well it is awful. Sometimes events occur to enlighten us…this has done that. I have found my legs again and have cheerfully traveled this beautiful community and have been walking.

I am thankful for friends and family…if I have heavy items or get caught in a rain storm…they have helped.

I feel healthier and lighter. I see this community in a different way and am glad to share this story…

Many in our community may look at not having a vehicle as negative…but for me I am glad to remember what it is like to use my legs…I have plans to have a new vehicle in the future…but for me to save my money and my legs…this time I feel is special.

I am a writer and with this feel my experiences are happening so I can share this with others.

I challenge anyone who knows what I am expressing… in taking time to walk…It’s not only good for a person…but actually can be fun.

Best of luck to those who may wish to remember what it is like to walk. I am not suggesting that everyone give up their form of transportation…just remember when we were young and how walking was the norm.

I am so thankful for this time and with this I write this article…


Dahlia Senft, Vernon