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When the Christmas season makes its exit for the year, human goodwill seems to follow it.

When the Christmas season makes its exit for the year, human goodwill seems to follow it.

That statement is an unfortunate fact. Only four days into the new year, I rode the scooter I borrowed to the grocery store. While crossing the highway in Enderby with my little dog on my lap, the scooter slid sideways on the ice and down I fell — scooter, dog and all.

I was able to grab the leash of my tiny dog so he would not be run over. The traffic coming towards me did not seem to acknowledge the sprawled body on the icy pavement or the scooter lying on its side. They simply skirted around me and kept going.

Slowly, I was able to get back on my feet, straighten the scooter upright and push it back to the sidewalk on my own, but I was in pain. I twisted my back and bruised my leg and arm, but I suppose I should be thankful someone did not run me over.

Two days later, I found myself in another dilemma, having to go to the drug store for necessities.

After the bad experience with the scooter, I decided walking was the better choice. Walking is slow and painful for me, especially in the snow. It was snowing quite heavily and again the traffic drove by, not seeming to care about the difficult time I was having while walking.

If people would only stop to realize their Christmas season could last all year for themselves and others if they would help others at times through the year.

Helping others is a gift they can give themselves because it is so very rewarding knowing they care enough to give — if only a speck of their time and a helping hand up.

We are not put on this earth to see through one another but to see one another through.

I am happy to say that while walking back, and only one block from my home, a woman did stop to give me a ride. I was so thankful and may God bless her richly.

Fern Everett



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