A great town

I returned to Vernon. Let me tell you about how nicely I have been treated

Having lived in Vernon since 1964, it was always superb for our family.

Years passed, family has grown and out on their own. My husband passed away five years ago. Not wanting to live here alone, I moved away for a few years.

Recently, I returned to Vernon. Let me tell you about how nicely I have been treated.

At the farmers market, I was buying three cobs of corn. The gentleman showed me how to place the corn in the bag. When I got home, I had four cobs in the bag — surprised, yes.

Next week, I returned to the same vendor and asked for a half-a-dozen cobs but I also related the previous week’s sale, that he had given me four and I only paid for three.

The gentleman smiled and explained, “Sometimes it’s not the money, but the service that counts.”

I’m staring at this knowledgable person and give him a big smile. When I returned home, I just happened to have seven cobs of corn in the bag.

I was told by a friend that I should try King Edward corn. So I went to a different vendor and I was telling him that my family loved my fresh corn chowder. He gives me his recipe for kernel butter corn.

So I paid for my six cobs and started to leave and decided to buy two more cobs for a dear senior friend who lives in Coldstream. The man reaches out with two more cobs and, “No charge,” he says.

Thanks Vernon and area. I will try my best to smile and say thank you and have a great day.

A. Yaremchuk