A lost opportunity

Resident says a paved shoulder is needed along Old Kamloops Road

Old Kamloops Road is nearing completion after a major infrastructure upgrade and I don’t see any sign that paving three feet on each side of the road, to provide a safe paved shoulder for bikes and pedestrians to share, is part of the project.

An upgrade to Silver Star Road from PV to L&A is already in progress  and will there be a paved shoulder?  I think not! Why doesn’t the Dept. of Highways see that including the paved shoulders when a project is already approved makes sense… the equipment is already there! …. the cost is minimal compared to a “new project.”

The Minister of Highways has informed me that improvement to BX Road requires a local agency to apply for grants? And what local  agency would that be?

All improvements to regional roads is decided in Victoria by the Department of Highways.

If you are as frustrated with the upgrades to Regional District roads as I am, then please write to someone or make some noise.

Maybe a “swell of concern” might make a difference….  as an individual does not have a hope of being heard.

Lorna Jaschke