A mid-summer rant

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: As we head off into the mid-summer season it’s time to clear the cobwebs

As we head off into the mid-summer season it’s time to clear the cobwebs of the brain with a little ranting and raving in order to stay sane while trying to not sweat the small stuff (and it’s all small stuff folks) when it’s already too hot outside….

…..that’s the thing about summertime when the living is good and it’s difficult to take anything seriously when in holiday mode, or coping with the heat mode or just plain hitting the beach mode.

And in this part of the globe one has to keep one’s eye on the calendar (it’s getting near the end of July already folks) or this thing we call summer will be over before you can say whatjusthappenedhereanyway?….

……it may be still summer and the federal election isn’t until Oct. 19 and the campaign hasn’t even officially started yet but that doesn’t mean the TV ads aren’t finding their way into our living rooms already.

In fact I’ve been bombarded by that Justin Trudeau applying for the PM’s job routine so often, and I swear I don’t watch that much TV but then again likely too much as I should be reading a good book etc., it’s getting a bit ridiculous.

Anyway I tend to notice different things about it as I start to look for things to amuse myself after watching it for the umpteenth time.

Like the way they refer to him by his first name to make him appear even more youthful and inexperienced than he already is, or refer to his great hair as if to say how can a guy with rock star hair know anything about running a country for goodness sake.

So these people, whoever they are and whatever agenda they may have, have decided, presumably for us so we don’t have to think for ourselves, that Justin’s not quite ready to be PM, but hey, maybe next time, even though in the last little while Liberal leaders shelf life after they lose federal elections is measured in weeks, not years.

I assume the idea is to contrast Justin with, well Stephen, even though he has his own hair issues, and I’m not so sure his resume contained any more real life training when he was applying to be our prime minister for the first time.

In fact, Justin’s dad, I think his name was Pierre, was also a relative rookie in most respects when he applied for the job and he managed to hang in there for a few elections.

Anyway it will be interesting to see what the Liberals come up with, and judging by the polls they better think of something, and the NDP appears to be riding high but there’s so many opportunities for missteps I still think anything can happen in this horse race, and officially anyway, it hasn’t even started yet….

….maybe the next prime minister, whoever that may be, can do something about the rapidly vanishing Canadian dollar.

How low can it go appears to be the question but I’ve got another one for you. If it gets to a certain point can we still call it a dollar?

I’m thinking if it gets any lower we may have to reflect its diminishing status and start calling it the “oonie”…….

……..and speaking of going lower, interest rates keep going on a downward spiral, apparently this may be connected to the weakening dollar according to the talking heads on TV.

Supposedly it’s to spur the economy on and I’m not complaining with a mortgage due to be renewed in the next few months.

Maybe by then the interest rate will actually be in negative territory and they will have to pay me to borrow money. Hey, one can dream……


…..meanwhile the countdown to the end of summer continues and you can bet your heavily discounted Canadian dollar that it will be over before you know it. Enjoy.



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