A path to better health

Resident pleased with the increasing bicycle network in Vernon

I have been using the new bike lanes on 29th Street, from the Village Green Centre to near Seaton school, quite often recently as well as the bike lanes on 20th Street by Harwood Elementary and I am really enjoying being off the car-travelled section of the road.

The shade has added to the pleasure. I look forward to the day soon when I have a direct path that I can use all the way to Polson Park.

Thank you to the staff and mayor and council at the City of Vernon for the vision in making these bike lanes possible for all of us now and long into the future.

We all should be more active for our health and happiness and the new paths are a very positive move in this direction.

The off-road lanes make my travels and those of cycling families a much more pleasant experience.

The safety benefits too are already noticed by those in direct contact with the next generation.

Many more students at Harwood Elementary are walking and cycling and not being driven, because of the 20th Street road changes, making parents a lot happier about their child’s safety.

The road narrowing also makes it safer for everyone, not just students and cyclists, since drivers slow down to a more moderate, calm speed.

I understand some now say that   sitting in our cars is the new smoking in relation to our health.

Easy to get more exercise on the new paths.

Julia Lissau