A sad state of affairs

Resident urges people to be friendly to each other during elections

I am saddened by the state of our humanity during elections. I honestly don’t pay much attention to campaign ads because they do nothing to inform me or to seal my vote, but what I take most offense to is individuals jumping on a campaign bandwagon and totally slandering a candidate personally.

Calling people names and executing such hatred towards a political party and its leader makes me think we need to take a step back and think to ourselves, “When did we lose our humanity towards one another? And why do we feel we have the right to call each other names and take apart each other’s self worth?”

I may or not be voting for Stephen Harper, and I may or may not agree with his policies, but I certainly value him as a human being and appreciate and respect the fortitude it takes to run for office, be civically engaged and participate in our society at one of the highest levels. I have great respect for all those who run for office no matter their political stripe.

It is not for the faint at heart and takes enormous courage and strength to put yourself under public scrutiny, voice your opinions and do the best you can for our society.

I know members of our legislative assembly and members of Parliament and know they ran because they care deeply about their communities, their province and their country.

There may be individuals who are in politics for ulterior reasons but most, I truly believe, are in it because they care.

So the dream I have is to come to a place in society where we can engage in meaningful debate and discussion and support and appreciate those who have decided to run for office.

Jackie Graham