A safer solution

Resident has another proposal for Stickle Road and Highway 97

Applying a common sense solution to the Stickle Road intersection, one must consider all options.

The Ministry of Transportation engineers, who design and build our transportation corridors, have a mandate different to us locals.

They are to build fast, efficient roads for all users as transportation is an important part of our country and the provincial economy.

They are interested in eliminating all unnecessary stops and obstacles.

To do this, they often have to build expensive overpasses to keep traffic moving and unobstructed.

Does anyone think the Stickle Road crossing warrants that?

As more business moves out to that area, a frontage road is what will serve the area better.

Most traffic returning to Vernon will turn towards 27th Street and Highway 97 at Rona as this is a natural flow for traffic to take.

No trucks or through traffic want to use 48th Avenue, the ministry’s mandated route.

The existing frontage road will need to be extended and improved even more in the future and we will be getting it now for no cost.

The area north of Stickle Road will be developed further as business and services grow.

There will be no need for a stop light installed anywhere between the Swan Lake junction and Vernon any time soon, now or in the future.

A one-way frontage road from Stickle Road to Vernon is the better, safer, practical solution.

Steve Skultety