Glenn Mitchell

Glenn Mitchell

A snow job in the works?

There’s waking up to snow in December and then there’s waking up to snow in March…

There’s waking up to snow in December and then there’s waking up to snow in March.

Somehow the magical feeling of the world being blanketed in white, although still beautiful and it covers up all that grey and grime, subsides more than a little as the season goes on, and on, and on….

I’m a fairly optimistic, positive individual, at least I try to be, but it’s getting more and more difficult to put a positive spin on a nightly snowfall of several inches, and even more centimetres if that’s possible, even if it does melt by the end of the day and snow shovelling is truly optional at this point.

Yeah, yeah, it’s good for the snowshed and the water supply and maybe come summertime it will be better for the forest fire situation and water restrictions, although that is so much more dependent on spring and summer weather patterns that even that positive spin can’t be guaranteed.

Still, it’s been a great winter for skiers, boarders, cross-country enthusiasts, snowshoers, ski resort owners and staff, snow removal businesses and anyone else who smiles when the white stuff starts falling.

It’s just enough already.

The other comfort is the Lower Mainland was getting just as much snow, actually more, in early March and imagine how that went over with the locals?

But even that wears thin after awhile, especially watching Lower Mainland news media lead with it every night, again, enough already.

And then one starts to think a little deeper about the subject. Well, maybe not deeper, but rather start looking for a scapegoat or anyone to blame.

And then you exclaim to your wife, in exasperation Friday morning, looking out at a sea of white: “Where’s Global Warming when you need it?”

“It’s not called that anymore,” she correctly responds. “It’s called Climate Change and I think it covers off everything, including late-season snowfalls.”

“Yeah, that name change was a very good marketing idea,” I say in frustration. “And no matter what happens weatherwise it’s because of Climate Change and it’s our fault. If it’s sunny and hot in March the end is near for sure and if it’s snowing and cold in March the end is still near, it’s just disguised really, really well.”

“Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to feel the love for those scientists,” she said. “What if they’re wrong about all this stuff? I mean these guys were once science nerds in high school, weren’t they? Maybe it’s just all a sinister plot to get back at all the people who made fun of them in Grade 9?”

“Shush,” I say. “You can’t even say that in the comfort of your own bedroom as the snow falls outside as if an Ice Age is coming. They’ll call you a denier, or a dinosaur, or Trump, or worse.”

“Whatever, I know local weather and global weather patterns aren’t obviously the same thing but gee whiz this is getting frustrating. Is spring coming?

“Hey, the weather network says it’s supposed to stop snowing shortly,” I say, trying to cheer her, and me, up. “And it’s supposed to be seven degrees and sunny later on. Ha, this snow isn’t going to last and it might even feel like spring by the end of the day, honey.”

“Yeah, and then it will snow again tonight,” she said with a heavy sigh.

And so it goes……