A Vernon Second World War Veteran pens poem

‘Let us not forget the past,’ Second World War Veteran writes

Joe Goldenthal, a veteran of the Second World War. (Contributed)

Joe Goldenthal, a veteran of the Second World War. (Contributed)

Sixty-three years ago today;

He was shivering in the back;

The boat was swaying on the waves;

‘Go man,’ they yelled, ‘it’s time.’

We went and a lot weren’t lucky;

They fell before they reached the beach.

Those that made it fell to their knees;

Their legs wouldn’t take them.

But at last, they rose and forward they went;

Guns blazing, they fought well.

It took a while, but we took the beach;

Then a sad task lay before us.

We recorded the fallen, a grim task indeed;

It was sad, very sad indeed.

Friends lay here and friends lay there;

What can a person say?

We bowed our heads and said a prayer;

And moved on with more tasks before us.

Let us not forget the past;

Not me, not you, nor you.

Joe Goldenthal fought in the Second World War and he shared this poem he wrote years ago.

He is turning 96 this year.