A wish list for municipal election

We need someone with vision... and leadership for a mayor and a fresh new council with younger faces on it

OK, so for the politically aware, speculation has begun on who might run for mayor, or for council in Vernon.

I personally feel we need someone with vision… and leadership for a mayor and a fresh new council with younger faces on it, local business owners and entrepreneurs.

It’s important every now and again to look at examples of good leadership in other cities as a standard for our future.

Economic development should be at the very top of the list.

The old people are dying off, the young are having to leave the area as soon as they graduate high school.

That is not a thriving, forward thinking system.

“How to Grow a City 101″… A study should have already been done on urbanization and the growth strategies of various types of cities.

We need to bring consumers, workers and businesses together in close proximity. Cities today face tough economic times. For growth they must create jobs, and not just any old jobs…they have to compete with other cities to not only attract the best talent, but to keep the best talent… and to do that they need good infrastructure, and therefore innovation.

What we desperately need in Vernon is..infrastructure, innovation, business incubators and supporting start-ups, energy, water and waste management… and making all of it environmentally sustainable.

If I were mayor…my priorities would include strengthening the economy through economic development; working with our sister cities; attracting major businesses to the area; new job creation; improving public safety and combating the growing drug use; increasing access and transparency in city government; and making sure that when Vernon does well, all of Vernon does well.

My list goes on… but that’s it in a nutshell…

So, in your readers’ opinion…what makes a good mayor or a good council member?

Paula Anderson, Vernon