Action needed

Resident concerned about the potential risk from campfires

We have lived across from Okanagan Lake since 2001.

It is a beautiful area but too many times we have had to report the actions of stupid people that use our beach in negative ways.

A recent night took the cake.

Not one but two fires blazed on the beach close to the creek, south of Kin Beach. This is not the first time it happened.

There are dry trees and shrubs everywhere!

My gosh, do people not realize how fast a fire can go out of control?

Look at Fort McMurray.

I am appalled how people do not think.

When I phone to report this to the police, they ask if I phoned the fire department.

If I phone the fire department, they ask if I called the police.

My neighbours and I are sick of this run around business.

I believe these people need to be fined heavily.

Let’s not wait for another tragedy to happen.

The Okanagan Indian Band needs to take action before this beautiful land goes up in smoke.

Please take action.

M.G.E. Dore

North Westside