Adopt pets

Resident encourages others to find a home for our four-legged friends

Imagine if you were always in fear of being harmed by someone you live with, never knowing when a hand could be raised against you.

That is how animals can feel every day because their owner is violent towards them or shows a lack of care.

Abuse against animals is wrong and when the few lucky ones are rescued, they need a home that will care and love them.

There are animals that you can get that have had a great life from the beginning.

But others that have been rescued, most of the time, have not had such a great life.

The SPCA saves the lives of animals that have most likely been abused or left behind because their owners don’t care.

When an animal gets rescued, they can be found in really rough shape. For example, an animal could have wounds all over his or her body.

Others may have deadly diseases or have not eaten in so long they are practically skin and bones.

Why not adopt one and make their life something to look forward to?

One time, I went to the SPCA and they wouldn’t let my family and I even look at the animals because they weren’t adopting.

We had just moved into our house in Coldstream and wanted to look around at the cute animals.

At the front desk, if you’re adopting, you even have to sign a document.

That’s how much the people at the SPCA shelter care about the animals. They want to make sure you will be a caring owner and have a stable home for them to live.

I know you might be thinking, “What if the animal has behavioural problems? I don’t want to buy an animal with my hard earned money just for it to have health issues or to bite me other others. My neighbour adopted a dog who gets anxiety when my neighbour leaves the house. The dog is scared of any men wearing hats and she will jump up and bite anybody she feels intimidated by. If I get a dog like that, I can’t handle the training for it. I have a full-time job you know.”

Now I know you might be concerned but all the animals are asking for is love.

If your neighbour or someone you know has a dog that has behavioural problems, I’m sure that over tine, she will get better with people.

Also, if you think that a dog is too much for you, why not get a cat?

They are fairly easy to care for but still have great personalities and love to cuddle.

Dogs, cats, parrots, you name it, are sitting in cages at the SPCA hoping to get out.

Help set them free by providing a loving home where they can grow in confidence and learn to love life.

You will not only feel good about yourself by saving a life, but you will gain a companion along with it.

Abi King, Grade 7 student