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I’m breathing a sigh of relief at the ALC’s rejection of what you call our “community’s dream.”

Hey, it certainly wasn’t a dream of mine and I doubt if very many other fixed-income residents in our community welcomed the idea of another big loan being made to satisfy the terrible appetite of the sports lobby in this regional district.

Sure, they claim it would have meant only a small increase in our taxes for the next 20 years, but in that 20 years, how many more community dreams would there have been?

There was another running with it: the Kin Race Track dream; a few more dollars on our taxes.

And neither of those dreams came even close to addressing the really big dream of the Funtastic sports goblin that wants a massive prairie of ball diamonds to one-day surround the city so that all the Funtastic experience can be in one place.

I’m not a grump who wants nobody to have fun.

In fact, I may subscribe to the credo of a former mayor who said if you can’t have a little fun there’s no point to all the other crap.

But, he was of my generation which had fun where you found it and didn’t demand a little bit more on everybody’s taxes to furnish expensive playing fields that allow access to only a few.

By the way, I got a kick out of your editorial accusing the ALC of thinking only of preserving acreage in the Agricultural Land Reserve and nothing else.

Well, as they say these days, duh.

That’s why the NDP created the reserve years ago – to keep the vested interests from dwindling it down to development and sports fields.

If the spend-crazy councils of this region insist on pursuing luxury fields and forever adding just a little more on the taxes, I respectfully request that seniors and others on fixed income, who can’t keep giving a little more, be excused from participating.

A small thing to ask in the face of the endless rising cost of living.


John J. Clarke


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