Amalgamation worth considering

Resident believes amalgamation is a good idea for Greater Vernon

I read The Morning Star article entitled “Coldstream councillors respond to petition.” It may appear to some that it doesn’t make sense to consider amalgamation.

However, in the long-term, it makes nothing but sense for all parties concerned.

There is reason to believe that non-duplication of services through joining together would produce some substantial financial benefits, not to mention less friction for the egos involved with separate governing bodies.

For those fearful of being swallowed up by a larger neighbour who at present doesn’t seem to be managing their own affairs very well, I think there are other Vernon residents along with myself that would welcome representatives from our closest neighbours to be fairly represented as part of one governing body.

A fresh perspective in general appears to be lacking at present and some new options would be welcome additions to bring this incredible area with all of its potential, to become both economically stable and a welcoming location for residents and visitors.

It seems obvious, because we are so intertwined already that blunders and mismanagement by any party will adversely affect the others anyway.

Why not consider looking at working together for the benefit of all involved?

There will always be important and difficult decisions that have to be made by the inhabitants of population centres.

It appears that we have missed the boat regarding any hopes of a bypass and now we have yet another important decision to consider: joining together through amalgamation.

Let’s not bury our heads in the sand over this one before we thoroughly explore it.


Wayne Wilson