Amnesty at 50

Peter Benenson, Amnesty International’s founder (1961), saw that, by using our freedom to act for a just world, people uniting together can achieve extraordinary things.

Sometimes it is the small things that people do, multiplied many thousands of times, which create real change. Our strength as a movement has always come from this unity of purpose. Over 50 years, thanks to the commitment of Amnesty’s members (three million today), thousands have been liberated from unjust imprisonment, torture and even death. It has also led to the improvement of countless individual lives.

Despite the impressive gains that have been made over those 50 years, our work is not done. We must continue to stand up demanding human rights for all. For us to have real impact this year, we need to come together in concerted action: from maternal health to the death penalty  and corporate accountability. These will be actions on which people power can really make a difference.

For more information, Amnesty’s 50th anniversary website is

Our local group will celebrate Amnesty’s 50th anniversary June 15, raising a toast to freedom at the Schubert Centre, from 7 to 9 p.m. Please join us. Everyone will be welcome.


Nadine Poznanski, Vernon Amnesty International