An option on firm ground

Resident provides some thoughts on the Stickle Road area


here are lots of options for Stickle Road, but I haven’t seen this one yet. Close Stickle to left-hand turns on to Highway 97 and put a barrier in the middle of the highway, and lots of no left-turn signage.

For those wanting to go north from the mobile home park, put in a lane going south to access the off-ramp under the overpass.

Then a left-turn lane as you approach the overpass on the off-ram. As soon as you pass under the overpass, turn left, on a short new piece of road, on to the Highway 97 access from town, also with lots of signs to access 97 north from the mobile park.

The people wanting to go north from the Stickle Road area could still use the present Highway 97 access.

OK, that still leaves the people who want to go south from the Stickle Road area.

As I see it, improve Pleasant Valley Road from Stickle to Butcher Boys. That’s something a lot of taxpayers would benefit from much more as this is a well-used road that sure needs upgrading regardless.

This idea would save the wetlands.

Also, extending 20th  Street would be very expensive, to dig down to solid ground and even then would be a very high maintenance road, because of all of the water near it.

With this change, any new road would be on firm ground.

I think all of the taxpayers are in favour of saving as much of the wetlands as possible.

Yes, I know it’s not perfect, but better than what I’ve seen so far, until the bypass is built.

We already have too many lights on Highway 97 without left-turn lanes, plus the crosswalk on Hospital Hill that costs the trucking industry untold dollars and is very dangerous for pedestrians.

Frank Adams