Angels in disguise

K-9 Dog Control garners praise after dog goes missing

On average, most individuals who have come in contact with our local dog pound have a rather distasteful opinion.

However, I am here to thank all at K-9 Dog Control. Before our border collie Gail took her journey away from home April 11, I may have had the same opinion as most, “Those darn people who lurk about trying to impound my pup.”

But after our experience, I feel much differently. Not once but twice in one day, we were saved from the possibility of never seeing our beautiful girl again.

The second occurrence happened when a bolt of lightning and loud thunder boomed in Vernon and Gail was off with a vengeance.

My daughter Jocelyn was watching her for the weekend so I could be with my mom who is battling leukemia in Vancouver.

After some time, Jocelyn called the K-9 Dog Control angels and they found Gail on Hospital Hill. We live by the recreation complex so Gail had travelled a long distance in a short period of time.

When I think of what could have been, my heart pains.

But instead, our angels in disguise not only rescued her twice that day, but only charged us once.

Really people, when we change our perspective of thought, we can see the blessing in disguise.

Thank you K-9 Dog Control and thank you to the anonymous person who saw Gail and made that call.

We have our girl home safe and sound.


Carrie O’Neill