Good Samaritan proves wonderful people do exist in this world

The other day, I was in line having copies made of many sheets of photographs and stories to make small booklets in memory of my sister who had recently passed away.

When I had made my decision to have the copying done and moved out of the line, a woman who had been behind me came over and placed money on the table and said it was to be a contribution for the expense of the booklets I was making.

I tried to return the money but she would not take it.

She said she was giving it because she had not done something like that for her own sister who had passed away recently and she regretted not having done the same.

As I was so surprised, I didn’t even have the sense to get her name.  I am putting this in your paper to thank her and to let your readers know that there are a lot of wonderful people in this world and we shouldn’t forget it.


Geraldine Ames, North Okanagan