Arena rebuttal

BX resident provides some details on taxation and contributing locally

In regards to J.A. Kitchen’s letter concerning the twinning of Kal Tire Place, the residents of BX, as well as Coldstream, are voting on this issue as they will be contributing to the cost of it.

Do you honestly think we would be able to vote on it if it were strictly a City of Vernon endeavor?

And yes I pay less taxes in the BX because I don’t have sidewalks in front of my house. I don’t have hydrants every other street, nor do I have sewer.

Use the pond at Silver Star for an ice surface for minor hockey, etc. or move to Saskatchewan? Really, is that the best solution you can come up with?

Whichever way you decide to vote, for goodness sake people, base it on facts. That is democracy.

David Sibilleau