Armstrong issues

The City of Armstrong should be responsible for controlling foul, unhealthy and dangerous fumes coming from the open sewage pond. The second item is spraying sitting water to control the mosquito population.

Sadly, neither of these two important health items are given priority by the city. The sewage pond stinks so much that people in Armstrong can’t enjoy their gardens or open their windows in hot weather. Children are also at risk as they breathe in the unhealthy fumes that permeate their play areas and school house. It just isn’t residents that live in close proximity to the sewage lagoons. When walking on Rosedale Avenue near the elementary school, the smell is ever so strong.

When will the City of Armstrong take action? Are they waiting until a number of people become seriously ill from the fumes on the sewage pond?

We pay our taxes, so surely we should have the right to enjoy our gardens and open our windows without feeling ill from the stench off of the Armstrong sewage pond.

We ask that the City of Armstrong take these important health matters seriously and see that who ever is responsible for sanitation and pest control does something right away regarding these serious health issues.

Patricia O’Connor-Smith