Around town

Resident praises those who take time to pick up trash

As of late, I am still walking and have noticed for some time that in the downtown and surrounding areas, there was an issue which was a concern.

I noticed in many areas that  littering was very major. At times I would see people throw garbage and not think anything about it. Well I just wish to make note of my experience as I see it.

Do people not realize that there are so many things about our community that we have which are gifts. I am thankful to those who help keep our streets clean.

This valley, if one has not realized, is the land of milk and honey. We are so fortunate to have both. And this may seem biblical, however, we also live in a valley full of mansions.

There is so much beauty in the area.

To conclude, thank you for all of those who make this area beautiful. Please keep in mind how, when we work together, that we can show the world what a community can be like.


Dahlia Senft