AT RANDOM: Funtastic MVP signs off

A rookie reporter recounts his time at The Morning Star

Every fall, my college coach told us, “It’s gonna be over before you know it.” He was right,  four years of college ball felt like one crazy weekend. So when I started here, I knew my brief blip at The Morning Star would feel like a catnap.

I started at The Morning Star seven months ago greener than Chad Pounder’s Shamrocks jersey.

I can’t thank publisher Ian Jensen and managing editor Glenn Mitchell enough for taking a chance on a fresh-faced grad from Kamloops.

They gave me an opportunity to learn in the industry, publish work and help further my career better than being a Jersey City salesman ever could. And I loved working at Jersey City.

Yeah, there were some rough patches, but I’m forever grateful you guys stuck with me and gave me a shot. I never stopped learning and I know I’m a better journalist because of it.

Hands down, the highlight of my job was travelling to Penticton for Game 7 to cover the Vipers come-from-behind win in the third period to knock off the Vees in overtime in the Interior Division final.

I got the chance to meet some outstanding people and great athletes during this job. I felt so privileged to walk off of campus into my first job in such a lively city.

This experience would not have been possible if your normal sports reporter Graeme Corbett never had a kid. For that, I thank him. Anytime he feels like adding another to the family tree, I’m more than happy to come back.

This was the first job I’ve ever had where I didn’t despise dragging my big butt out of bed each morning.

I hope the people of Vernon understand just how talented, dedicated, understanding, knowledgeable and friendly your newsroom is.

Reporter Jennifer Smith has been so helpful and truly a delight. Kristin Froneman  and Katherine Mortimer are always warm and welcoming in the morning.

Richard Rolke and Roger Knox represent everything what a journalist should be. They are accurate, caring and professional. I’m not sure how Roger and I got along seeing as we disagreed on everything.

I must thank photographer Lisa VanderVelde  for hooking me up with my sweet house for the summer and always having time for a few quick laughs.

And then there is Kevin Mitchell. What is there to say about Kevin that hasn’t already been said? Whenever I introduced myself to people and they found out I was a sports reporter for The Morning Star, I got one of three reactions.

The first, “Oh, you must work with Kev, I know him, we gradded together. What a guy.”

Second, “You work with Kev?! That sucks! I hope he’s not too hard on you.”

The third, I can’t repeat here.

Literally everybody knows him and respects the quality of work this man cranks out.  One day, when he retires in 40 years and they erect a statue of him out front of the building, I’ll apply for my old job and happily work under Corbett. It will be nice to work for someone who knows who Jay-Z is.

I really owe whatever I do with this career to Kev. He took me in and taught me everything about sports reporting.

One thing I’m definitely going to miss about this place is all the aortic-wall clinging food that was consumed in our office; pizza, doughnuts, cheezies, chips and cake.

The development of my reporting skills and facial hair growth were quite evident over the past seven months and I thank you all immensely. I’m not too sure where I’ll end up, but I know where I got my start and that will never change.