Audit needed

Vernon's property purchases questioned

I am asking the mayor and council that have made many property purchases in the past to hold a public audit of all of these purchases.

If you believe that you made a valuable purchase for us city and us the public then please issue a report in the paper that has the following.

Purchase price, upgrades (murals, paving etc.), demolishing charges, operating costs, income, lost taxes and finally the present value of this property.

This information should be readily available and easy to put together. As a taxpayer in the city, this should be available to all of us.

I am asking all taxpayers in Vernon to call, write or e-mail your elected (by you) council and mayor and ask that this happens.

They are not going to respond to one person so I am asking all of my fellow taxpayers to help do this.

With an election coming up and the economic times, we want to know if the present mayor and councillors should remain or be removed and we want to make an informed decision.


Garry Haas, Vernon