Avenue Market

Strong support shown for the Avenue Market in downtown Vernon

The Avenue Market had a significantly positive impact on Olive Us. As a retailer, it was wonderful to be able to showcase our products with food samples under our tent and then invite people to come in to the store for a full tasting experience.

The Avenue Market created a friendly, party atmosphere on the street and likewise in the store. Many people came downtown because of the market and became aware of our store and many other wonderful businesses as a result.

There was vibrancy to the downtown as Vernon came alive on Friday evenings and offered a great opportunity for visitors and locals alike to get outside and enjoy a walk in our beautiful town. We sincerely hope the Avenue Market will become an annual part of downtown Vernon.

Thanks again to all of you at the Downtown Vernon Association for your hard work and dedication to make this happen and become the success that we feel it has been.

Ray Morin and Janet Cody

Olive Us Oil and Vinegar Tasting Room