B.C. recycling

Resident frustrated with the lack of input over the recycling program

Although in my 80th year, I remain an active member of many communities and consider myself to be in the loop when it comes to current affairs, much of which is discussed on community radio in the region.

To me, public discussion involves the public, Jane or John Doe, the man-on-the-street, etc. There was no public discussion of that type offered on recycling and certainly no polls put forward as I subscribe to several.

You said it: the ministry sets goals but leaves it up to the businesses involved to do whatever is good for them but not necessarily for the people who must participate.

Our local municipal or regional governments certainly made no effort to involve a dialogue from their constituents for whatever reasons.

The blue box system is fine if one resides in an urban setting devoid of stairs and has a curb within easy tote distance.

I do not enjoy such circumstances nor do many of the seniors within this community. Even much younger people in good physical condition have difficulty lifting and carrying these boxes when full.

Try it yourself.

I have no problem shopping or accessing services that are meaningful.

In discussion with the majority of seniors in my community, they are of similar opinions and almost to a person have indicated that they will not be participating in a blue box system or any recycling unless some dramatic changes are made to the system now in place.

Pushcarts with wheels would help tremendously and they are available in some jurisdictions but not ours. I have talked to the recyclers themselves who agree that the new program does not present a level playing field for the participation of all residents. I would love to continue recycling and so would most of the folk with whom I speak, but when it requires a monumental physical effort of which many are incapable and trips by motorized vehicles at the consumer’s expense to landfills far away with the items that Multi-Materials B.C. is now refusing, these are not acceptable practices and there are a lot of seniors without access to any vehicle at all.

This entire initiative needs to be revisited and town hall meetings with the general public, not just associations or organizations to which not everyone belongs, ought to be a priority.


Edgar Murdoch