Back on the job

MITCHELL'S MUSINGS: The passing of time has always left me perplexed and gasping for air, as in what just happened here...

The passing of time has always left me perplexed and gasping for air, as in what just happened here and was I actually along for the ride or what?

And I’m not talking about the fact that it seemed like my kids were toddlers yesterday and now, well, they’re toddling off in all directions and I’m lucky if I know where they’re going. And am I allowed to ask or am I invading their personal space? Or if I don’t does it look like I don’t care?

I try to strike a balance and if I overstep my reach a little I try to justify it with, well they may be almost 19 and 21 but they’re still under my roof so I have some parental rights, without getting too self-righteous about it of course.

Anyway part of this soul-searching exercise is brought on by still getting used to being 55 years old and apparently being among the senior set of the population, although I haven’t bought a souped-up convertible sports car yet, but then again with my bald spot and its tendency to burn it’s probably not a good idea anyway. I know I can wear a hat at all times but that takes away from the freedom of hair flowing through your hair and the young look one’s trying to achieve (although I still remember a birthday card greeting from my 40th that read “I picture you standing on a mountain with the wind blowing through your hair……..(and inside it read)…..and you too proud to go chase after it”…….(funny stuff and a lesson on trying to look too young, ha).

No, but what really sparked this musings on the passing of time is I just returned from two weeks vacation, which at first glance seems like a long time off and, by most accounts it’s substantial and I’m grateful, but it went by in a nanosecond.

I even had a list and everything to make sure I got some things accomplished, and I did some things, but still here I am and wondering what just happened (although honestly I spend much of my life doing just that, it’s almost become a style of sorts, and maybe that’s why I’m in the newspaper business so at least I can keep on top of things and look back at what happened by checking the pages of back issues).

And it’s not like I didn’t enjoy the time off.

I started it off by hitching a ride with some real seniors (OK, they happen to be my parents as well) to Calgary via the Kootenays.

Now normally you wouldn’t go that way because it takes longer of course, but that’s the beauty of being a senior you don’t have to take the direct route cause you don’t have to hurry to get back to work (ironically it’s almost like time is on your side, sort of, again ironically).

And, hey I’d never been to Cranbrook or Lethbridge for that matter and I always enjoy Kaslo and Nelson so I signed up to be the driver and escort and enjoyed an opportunity to reconnect with my folks and talk about olden days when travelling across country meant with four young boys in tow, and all that entailed, yikes.

This was much more relaxing, including a Scrabble game in the hotel room in Nelson in which I let the old man win (well, he was paying for the room), a nice engaging dinner at an Italian restaurant in Lethbridge, and an inspiring visit with a cousin in Calgary who battles MS with a smile on her face every day.

A trip back on the Greyhound was also enlightening, cause they were heading out for another four or five days and I had chores to do back home, and a perfect opportunity to catch up on reading on a rainy day.

I also did manage to get a few chores done that second week, not to mention golfed Predator with my boys one wonderful day (an early Father’s Day present), but did it have to go by so darn fast?

Luckily I have another two weeks in July, so I’ll be fine. Not that you were worried about me, I’m sure.