Bags good, but ….

Resident angered over people leaving their dog's business behind

As dog owners who have always conscientiously picked up after our dogs, we noted with interest your recent story in The Morning Star stating that Armstrong is now providing dispensers with biodegradable bags in which people can pick up their dog’s droppings.

We are fortunate to live in a jurisdiction (Coldstream) which has provided this service for some time now and on occasion, should we be in need of more bags than we had planned for, we gratefully utilize these ones.

Our complaint is not just about dog-owners who, “look the other way” as their dog does its business, thus giving the majority of dog owners a bad name. This is bad enough. What is much worse, in our opinion, is those who assiduously pick up after their dogs, so as to be seen by others to be doing the right thing, tie up the bags and then leave the bags on the ground, or throw them in the bushes or whatever.

I don’t get it. Do they think someone else is going to come and pick it up and carry it to a waste bin for them? Or do they think that the bagged feces will somehow biodegrade faster than if left on the ground in its natural state? Or could they possibly think it looks more aesthetically pleasing? Perhaps they think it is less disgusting to step in bagged feces than on feces left au naturale? I do wish someone who employs this appalling habit would reply, and explain their rationale for me.

I admit that on the odd occasion, when we are only a short way into our long walk for the day, and know we will be back along the same path, we will bag our dog’s droppings and leave it in a spot where we will pick it up on the way back.

This is only if there are no garbage receptacles in the area and we prefer not to carry the bag around for an hour or more. But the bags I refer to above, are the ones that have obviously been there not just for hours, but for days, and weeks and even months. I often walk the same route when I walk alone, and see the same repulsive bags full of droppings week after week.

Please, if you are a dog owner who enjoys the privilege of walking your dog in local parks or streets, employ one of the most basic functions of dog ownership: pick up after him. The non-dog loving public will be happier, and the many responsible dog owners will not have to bear the stigma of your deplorable habit.


Doreen Huggins