Be aware

Resident provides information about having pets in rental units

Regarding no room for pets, I was able to rent an apartment in a seniors building that allowed pets. But I was shocked that when I moved out, I was informed there was an enormous cleaning fee for the blinds due to having a pet.

This was not noted in the rental agreement. The management company said they charge $1.50 per blind strip (they were the vertical panel cloth ones) but because there was a dog, they charge $2.75 per panel. The reason for it almost being double is because they have to clean both sides.

The apartment had two bedrooms with windows and a patio door. There were 108 panels. That was about $300.

They said this would be the charge whether one lived there one month or long-term. It did not matter if you had a non-shedding dog or not.

There was an additional charge of about $90 for carpet cleaning so basically you do not get any security deposit back. So be aware.

D. Keyes