Be responsible

Resident upset with people who do not clean up after their dogs

Marshall Field on Okanagan Landing Road has a great field that is for kids and adults to play soccer on.  There are many signs indicating dogs are not welcome on field.

Why is it then that there are so many dog owners who feel they can let their dog run and mess all over the place and not pick it up?  I call that lazy.

I normally take my dog to the dog park on Mutrie Road, but during the winter, it has iced up and become too treacherous not only for us dog walkers but also for the dogs.

I decided to give Marshall Field a try since there are doggy bags and garbage bins there. I thought it would be a nice flat, not icy place to enjoy our walk.

Yes, it is a beautiful park and walking the dog along the outside of it is allowed, but seeing so many dog piles all over the place has me convinced there are too many irresponsible dog owners out there who still don’t get it.  It is a privilege to walk our dogs in these parks and by not picking up the mess you are making, it less enjoyable for us who do bend over and pick up.

Can’t you just take two seconds out of your busy life to bend over and swoop up the mess in a free doggy bag?  That’s what they are intended for and are available for.


Patti Mondor