Be vigilant

Statistic of cancer patients arriving at Vernon Jubilee Hospital serve as reminder for patients to be vigilant

The statistic of cancer patients arriving at Vernon Jubilee is certainly staggering. And the article addresses many important points, but it’s something that is not said that catches my attention. Dr. Hwang said the onus is on residents to protect their health which is true, but more so in a way he doesn’t imply.

Speaking as a person whose family has struggled with colo-rectal cancer, a degree of vigilance is required from the patient. For example, a family member of mine was repeatedly dismissed from a doctor’s office with symptoms of colo-rectal cancer as the doctor concluded it wasn’t indicative of cancer.

After consulting our own computer with symptoms, and basically demanding a colonoscopy, my family member was granted one, and results were cancerous.

The lesson to be learned, one should always take precautions if they feel their body is not well, and most certainly do no take a doctor’s word as gospel.


Andrew Pecyna, Vernon