Beaches embarrass

Maintenance of Lakeshore Road beaches is non-existent

I’ve been a resident on Lakeshore Road for five years.

The regional district has made some progress acquiring property for the lands designated as parks and open space as per the adopted waterfront plan.

However, the maintenance of the beach is non-existent. Our city is in dire need of industry and tourism to create a more stable local economy.

The state of our beaches on Lakeshore Road is embarrassing.  We want tourists to enjoy our beaches and come back to Vernon frequently.

I like what the city has done regarding incentives for development of the waterfront and city center neighborhood plans.

However, I don’t think enough emphasis is given to our biggest draw, the lake.

Every time I pick up the paper, there is continued squabbling over parks management and maintenance.

It’s time to make a decision.  Tourism season is upon us and the beach needs attention now.


Joel Ellams, Vernon