Been there

Resident questions the process for a Greater Vernon cultural plan

So I see that a new cultural strategy is being planned for Greater Vernon, to be advised by a consultant, with input from the public.

Been there, done that.

Several years ago, I and others were invited to a seminar led by the same department, which asked for input from Vernon cultural groups, to decide on a new cultural strategy.

That night, two strong recommendations were made from the floor. One was immediately dismissed as impossible due to staffing structure. Hence, it was not even listed as a recommendation.

The other, that artists should not be expected to join committees, was also dismissed because the form of the process had already been decided.

Oh, and did I mention that a consultant had been hired as well?

About a year later, I asked the group leader what had happened with the new strategy, and was told the whole thing had been cancelled.

So here we go again with the same group leader and another consulting fee, even though Vernon’s cultural community already has numerous very smart people who can, I’m sure, make better decisions for Vernon than an outsider.

As for the public being involved, huh?

Even though the Vernon public voted against building the new library, the project went ahead anyway.


Jim Elderton